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About iMakers

iMakers Initiative aka iMaker is engaged in designing and developing hardware and software, implementing tech competitions, organizing free seminars and training courses, and linking African talents with the global market. It works in collaboration with 36 Ethiopian, 1 Ghanaian, 2 Nigerian and 2 Kenyan universities. iMakers currently, enjoys the largest tech community network in Africa. iMaker, focusing on AI and Robotics, works on designing, establishing, and running cutting-edge Makerspaces in each of its partner universities' campus.

As part of its initiative, iMakers run multiple community-based projects in collaboration with partner universities, governmental organizations, and oversea partners. iMakers organize, annually, ‘The iMakers RoboSoccer Cup’. Currently, the annual tournament uses a low-cost humanoid robot called RoboSapien and provides the perfect methodology to teach students the concepts of humanoid robots’ kinematics and dynamics. iMakers RoboSoccer Cup integrates some very important engineering concepts of software, mechanics, and electronics. Most of iMakers competitions and projects have a massive potential to facilitate Artificial Intelligence research and development works through humanoid Robots.

Designed In Ethiopia, one of iMakers national project, is an annual electronic design competition conducted in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Innovation and Technology. Every year, iMakers recruit top engineers from the country, filter their electronics design, select the top hundred, and offer a 10-day Bootcamp. The coaches in our Bootcamp are hardware experts from oversea. At the end of the competition, the top five designs will be prototyped in China.

What we do


Knowledge transfer is our speciality! We have free seminars aimed towards informing and motivating students toward AI, Robotics, and Digital Manufacturing. Our paid workshops are one of their kind taking a deep dive into the fun part of engineering.


We design cutting edge Makerspaces and Laboratories and fuel the creative capacities of students. We set the industry standard as a leading provider of gap assessments and student experience research for public universities in Africa.

Lab Equipment

iCog Makers, in Ethiopia, is the only affordable supplier of humanoid robots, desktop robots, and similar educational gadgets for public and private educational institutes. We supply laboratory equipment for fields related to Electrical and Mechanical engineering.

AI and Robotics Challenges

We host multiple competitions. In partnership with universities in 3 African countries, we have a community of passionate techies coming together with their fantastic robots that play the world's greatest sport, Football! Or AIs that can identify plant diseases.


Our Apprenticeship Training Registration is open, apply now to join. We accept university students in graduate and undergraduate courses from various technical fields and equip them with the skills they need to make it through today's fast-paced technological arena.

Community Solutions

We utilize our relationships with various universities, organizations and individuals locally and abroad to aid those striving to solve their community's problems using technology. We offer solutions for Small and Medium Scale Industries and other small business.






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Kerima Ali

Director of Partnerships and Public Engagement

Dagim Sisay

Technical Director

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Senior Engineer

Heldana Michael

Project Coordinator

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Project Manager

Esubalew Amenu

Web admin

Blen Mekonnen

Associate Communications Director

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